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Voyagers Village Fest Bag's Tournament

A 3 hour bags tournament with a max of 32 teams.

Pool Play

Each team is placed into a pool and each pools will have at most 4 teams.

Each team will play every other team in their pool. (3 games)

The winner of the pool (record) will advance into bracket play. Tie breakers are settled by head to head record.

Pool play games are played until one team scores 13 points. Games will follow the ABA rules for everything else.

Opponents will do a coin flip. Winner decides who goes first.

All pool play games must finish within 60 minutes of the starting.  If a game is still underway after 60 minutes, the current score becomes the final score and the game is over. Any unplayed matches will count as a tie.

After pool play commences each pool needs to turn in a single score card (provided).

Bracket Play

There are up to 8 spots available in bracket play. The winner of each pool gets one spot. If there are not enough registrations to fill up all 8 spots, .e. only 6.5 pools filled up, a seeded bracket will be created to handle this.

Build the bracket using this site:

Winner of A pool is seed 1, winner B pool is seed 2, etc.

Bracket play games are to 21 points and you must win by 2. Games will follow the ABA rules for everything else.

Opponents will do a coin flip.  Winner decides who goes first.


26 people registered, filling 6 pools up with a 7th pool only having 2 people.

The 2 people in pool 7 would play each other to determine who wins the pool. All other pool play would be normal.

In this case we need to make a 7 team seeded bracket because we only had seven pools.

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