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Annual Events

  • August: Villagefest parade
  • September: Kickoff, Amazing race
  • October: Pumpkin carving
  • October/November: Dad's social
  • November: Island day
  • January: Rockets
  • January/February: Winter camp
  • March: Late night at the Y
  • May: Spring camp
  • Varies: Additional house events

Upcoming events

    • Fri, August 02, 2024
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • St. Charles Parking Lot


    Grab your camp shirt and a pack of FROZEN freezie-pops and join us as we march in the VillageFest parade!  Official gather time is 6pm, parade start is 7pm.  RSVP optional, but PLEASE ATTEND!  This year we are following the University of Minnesota marching band during the parade, and that's the best seat in the house!

    • Meet in the St. Charles Parking lot. Beverages will be served for both adults and kids
    • Wear your camp camp shirt, most recent one if you have it, otherwise wear any Voyagers apparel if you have it.  Next option is obviously an inflatable costume if available.  If none of the above, any comfortable clothing is just fine.
    • Bring light winter gloves or gardening gloves for your hands and scissors for cutting the freezie tops.  Get your freezie-pops in the freezer soon and spread them out so they freeze (don't just leave them in the box). Kids LOVE handing out freezies!
    • The Parade is open to all Voyagers, past, present and future.  This specifically includes the most recent graduates!

    More VillageFest 2024 Events

    We are again sponsoring two events this year at VilllageFest!  Register for these on the VillageFest website!

    2024 – 2025 Voyagers Season

    Registration for the next Voyager Season is almost ready to open - we'll have it open before VillageFest weekend

    • Have friends or neighbors that aren’t in Voyagers yet? Send them to the website or have them reach out to Fred or Charley.  We need YOU to be ambassadors for this awesome program.
    • Renew your membership from within your profile (soon).  Do not renew with a new registration!

    We hope to see you all at the parade!

    Fred & Charley

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